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How can the Queensland Government improve the digital services you use?

over 5 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • nalex15 over 5 years ago
    Before being concerned about people connecting with the digital economy perhaps gov't departments should get a handle on it first. Qld Health -Rural Primary Health Centres being denied appropriate amount of hardware access ( I have given up and now use my personal ipad, next g connection and email my stats and connection speeds inadequate for completion of spreadsheets, databases etc on remote servers.Ed Qld - C2C independent learning materials are abysmal, the pdfs most often haven't worked, there are almost no interactive, self marking activities for instant feedback and my screen loving children ask if they can do things on paper because it is faster and works.Two of the largest departments do not get it right and are reinforcing that IT causes undue stress and wastes time instead of saving it even to the generation that embrace technology.
  • yeroc over 5 years ago
    Before improving the digital services I use, they(govt) need to support a better broadband network and wireless access for the entire country, not just specific towns or specific areas of towns, you can have 1 side of the street with access to the NBN and the other doesn't. Govt need to support fibre to the home not just to the node. Telstra infrastructure and copper wiring to homes is way past its expiry and there is no point going digital if half the population cant access it or are on speeds that are that slow it makes it too ineefective and they dont use it anyway.