Do you agree with the consultation feedback received?

over 5 years ago

Please read the Consultation Summary Report located on the document library right of the screen.

A review of submissions received during the public consultation phase found that there is general support for the draft strategy’s vision, strategic objectives, focus areas, desired outcomes and action ideas. 

Key overall themes identified from the consultation feedback include:

  • Access to adequate broadband and mobile communications infrastructure (and services) identified as a key reason why people, businesses and communities do not engage more in the digital economy – and seen as a critical element needing to be addressed in the final Strategy to be effective.
  • Need for Queensland Government agencies and the final Strategy to be customer-centric by placing people and customers first, and involving Queenslanders in shaping and implementation of programs, activities and initiatives.  Particular care and caution is required when using the term “digital first” as this may be interpreted to mean digital-only. Queenslanders want to access government services through their channel of choice.
  • Low levels of digital literacy (knowledge and skills) is seen as a major barrier and reason for people and businesses not engaging more in the digital economy.  Other barriers identified include poor or no access to reliable digital services and infrastructure, lack of confidence in using digital technologies, and limited digital skills within the overall Queensland small business workforce.
  • Need to highlight and showcase areas of excellence and digital enablement that was occurring in Queensland and its regions – to build a prospectus to attract new investment as well as lead the way and provide exemplars to other regional Queenslanders and small businesses.
  • Queensland and its regions need to use digital technologies as an enabler and tool to sustain Queensland’s local and regional communities in an increasing borderless (global) marketplace.
  • Need to leverage off existing digital initiatives/services being delivered by other jurisdictions and stakeholders.

Consultation has concluded