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Are you a digital worker?

over 5 years ago

Half of Australia’s working population are now identified as ‘digital workers’, using the internet to work from home or on the go.  Is this your experience?

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  • AriOliver89 almost 6 years ago
    Yes!We are converting our practice software to a cloud based solution, and opting to host our server online as opposed to a physical server on site. We no longer use a direct phone line, instead using VOIP, and are increasingly using video conferencing to meet with those in remote locations.However...we are very much restricted by poor connection speeds in regional Queensland.
    • WayneGerard over 5 years ago
      The difference in internet plan costs, quality, speed, bandwidth, access technologies and coverage between regional QLD and metro QLD is very significant and needs to be addressed. As an example, I live on a rural property near Fernvale. We are too far from a Telstra Exchange to get ADSL and because we are rural Telstra won't invest in putting in more exchanges. Our only option is Wireless broadband. The challenge is wireless broad brand is not priced comparatively to ADSL / ADSL 2 / Cable. I pay $100 a month for 15Gb plan on Telstra Wireless Broadband because we can't get ADSL / ADSL 2 or Cable. If I could get one of these technologies, it would cost $50-60 a month for unlimited bandwidth. We are a modern family with teenage children who rely on internet connectivity so we easily use 15Gb of data in 10 days with restricted use policies in place for the kids. As such we now have two 15Gb a month wireless services at our house costing $200 a month and we still don't get the equivalent bandwidth to someone who can get ASDL / ADSL 2 or cable. The extra cost of accessing the internet for Rural families and businesses that live or work outside the range of the existing fixed line infrastructure is a significant disadvantage. The NBN will also bypass us, meaning that it is likely that hundreds of thousands of people and businesses will continue to be disadvantaged into the future. This is significant for the growth of the QLD economy if we really want to become a digitally driven economy. There are far reaching implications for rural employment, quality of life, and the economic sustainability of regional QLD.If people could access the internet at a comparative cost from every home and business in QLD then people would be less likely to need to move to the major cities. More digital businesses and workers would live in regional towns and on rural properties, making those communities more sustainable and creating more opportunities and employment in regional QLD. This challenge requires QLD Government leadership. We can't rely on the NBN or Telstra.
  • Anna Kinnane almost 6 years ago
    Yes, I am a digital worker. In my role and in the organisation in which I work, we rely significantly on digital technologies to communicate and collaborate with others across the State and across the country (particuarly those in rural and remote Qld). The use of web conference software allows us to provide professional development to a wide range of participants anytime, anywhere.
  • JessicaLilly almost 6 years ago
    I agree, only half of us are digital workers? Can we escape digital work from home or on the go...its expected right?
  • Lucy almost 6 years ago
    Yes, I am a digital worker. I think almost everyone is these days because we use computers to do so much of our work. It guess this categorises 'digital' as those who work exclusively on computers, and can work from anywhere, but most people can use computers to buy, sell, organise, and collaborate in most jobs. I'm surprised that the ACMA says only 51% of people are.