When will the public consultation take place?

Week 1: Digital economy  Mon 4 - Fri 8 November

Week 2: People & Communities  Mon 11 - Fri 15 November

Week 3: Business and Industry  Mon 18 - 22 November

Week 4: Digital Industry  Mon 25 - 29 November

Week 5: Queensland Government  Mon 2 – Mon 9 December

Public Consutation closes - midnight, Monday 9 December

How can people participate in the consultation process?

Access points to the consultation include the Queensland Government’s Get involved website, the DSITI website and social media links, and via Queensland Government agencies and their stakeholder networks.  In addition, the consultation process will be facilitated through an interactive digital platform to more deeply engage interested Queenslanders throughout the consultation period and beyond. 

This cloud-based platform is to be used as the central hub of the consultation and includes an interactive front page containing many media for engaging and creating interactions including social media postings, video, news-feeds and analytic reports.  The platform will also provide a discussion forum for video submissions, photos and other upload-able file formats.

Email your feedback form or any comments, ideas or questions to us at godigital@dsiti.qld.gov.au

Fax your feedback form or any comments, ideas or questions at us at (07) 3225 8754.

Group conversations: The Queensland Government will be holding workshops in key regional centres around the state – for details call us on 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or go to www.godigitalqld.dsiti.qld.gov.au. You can also hold your own workshop and send us a summary of the discussion. Join the online discussion on the interactive consultation hub:

You can answer polls and surveys, participate in discussion forums and access newsfeeds and social media posts.

Follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter:  Follow Digital Economy Queensland at https://facebook.com/DigitalEconomyQld and twitter.com/DigEconQld  Or write to us at: Queensland Digital Economy Strategy consultation Department of Science Information Technology and Innovation GPO Box 5078 Brisbane Qld 4001

To get your copy of the draft strategy document:Telephone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or visit www.godigitalqld.dsiti.qld.gov.au

How will the Queensland Government engage with “unconnected Queenslanders” to seek their views and ideas?

DSITI will engage through the relevant Queensland Government agencies to identify and engage with community and interest groups to which these ‘unconnected’ Queenslanders belong or from whom they receive services funded by the Queensland Government. The consultation process will also accommodate people who do not have online access to the draft strategy by providing hard copies which can be obtained by telephoning the Queensland Government’s general enquiries contact number on 13 74 68 (13 QGOV).

What is the digital economy?

The digital economy (sometimes referred to as the internet or information economy) is a relatively new term in government and business circles. Economic and social advancement lie at the heart of developing the digital economy.

This strategy defines the “digital economy” as "The global network of economic and social activities that are enabled by information and communications technologies, such as the internet, mobile and sensor networks."  This definition is also used by the Australian Government.

Digital technologies and services are increasingly global, with both production and consumption growing exponentially world-wide.  Queensland needs to embrace this global trend, effectively a new industrial revolution, in order to advance our economy, attract investment, build our prosperity and improve Queenslanders’ lives and lifestyles.

What is the purpose of the Queensland Digital Economy Strategy?

The final strategy will set a framework for driving and coordinating digital economy activity that is within the Queensland Government’s remit to control directly or in partnership with other entities. 

The strategy will provide an effective basis from which the Queensland Government can work closely with other levels of government, business and industry peak bodies, community and human services organisations, and trusted advisors to leverage opportunities, deliver better digital services, and share information that will benefit the Queensland economy, communities and businesses. 

Successful implementation of the strategy will allow the Queensland Government to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the evolving digital economy.

What is the Queensland Government’s role and what are the implications for other departments and key stakeholders?

Given the Queensland Government’s significant influence on the State’s economic and social well-being, it is important that it leads by example in its approach to working in the digital economy.  The draft strategy identifies the Queensland Government’s role as to:

  • Provide leadership in setting direction on digital economy matters.
  • Innovatively use digital technologies and channels to revitalise Government service delivery to its customers and improve productivity.
  • Reduce red tape and regulatory barriers and administrative practices preventing greater take-up of more efficient digital government and community services.
  • Better communicate to Queenslanders, businesses and industry the importance and relevance of the digital economy so they are enabled to participate in and benefit from the digital economy.

Once finalised, the strategy will manage expectations, and provide clarity for stakeholders and customers on the Queensland Government’s direction and responsibilities in the delivery of digital economy activity.  In line with this, the draft strategy’s clarification of the Queensland Government’s role should subsequently manage expectations about what the Queensland Government can deliver - given that much of the activity is this space is delivered by the Australian Government, local governments, peak industry bodies and community organisations and the private sector. 

Given this, the Queensland Government will also need to work closely with the Australian Government, local governments, non-government organisations and community service providers, business and industry peak bodies, and trusted advisors.

How does the draft strategy contribute to achieving the Queensland Government’s priorities and values?

The draft strategy’s vision, strategic objectives, desired outcomes and action ideas should contribute to the Queensland Government’s key priorities and values by aiming for more effective design, use and promotion of digital technologies and content to:

  • Help Queensland Government in becoming the most responsive and respected public service in Australia
  • Help boost productivity and ensure that the Queensland Government is well placed to deal with the economic, fiscal and demographic challenges that are facing the state over the coming decades.