Disaster Donations: GIVIT launches giving app to ease donation process

by Kylie, almost 4 years ago
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by Juliette Wright, 11 months ago

Vulnerable Australians impacted by recent weather events will receive more support, through a new app designed to better connect those who have with those who need, said Australia’s Local Hero and GIVIT CEO Juliette Wright.

Ms Wright, who created digital platform GIVIT in 2009 to fight growing poverty within Australia through the donation of material items, said the app will enable donors to give easily, safely and effectively to those in need via a simple three-step upload process.

“Poverty is growing in Australia with an estimated 2.5 million people living below the poverty line,” Ms Wright said. “We’re working to fight those figures via an app which makes giving easy and captures the generous donations of everyday Australians – all from the palm of their hand.

“The app allows people to take a photo of the item they wish to donate, then submit details via a three-step process. This goes into GIVIT’s virtual warehouse for all charities to see and reserve when required.

“Alternatively people can search what is currently needed within their area and then easily donate those items, ensuring charities have what they need through the simple act of giving.

“The app not only enables people to give more easily, but fosters community connections by educating them about the current need within their local area. It really is game-changing.”

The free GIVIT app is now live and available for downloading on iTunes.

Ms Wright said the app will be incredibly valuable during times of disaster in Queensland, as an easy way for people to help rural, remote and regional communities who have lost everything.

“During Cyclone Marcia more than 15,000 urgently required items were donated through GIVIT to help those affected within 10 days. We would expect that number to triple if people were able to use their phones to donate to others in need, especially during times when power, computers and communication lines are down.”

GIVIT currently supports 1,100 of Australia’s most trusted charities by sourcing quality urgently needed items direct from the public. Since it was established in 2009, more than 221,000 donations have been matched to assist vulnerable, marginalised and impoverished Australians.

“Somewhere in Australia, there is a pair of unwanted work boots that could help a father secure work to support his family, a reliable washing machine that will allow a single mother the time to apply for work instead of washing clothes by hand and a bed that could provide someone the chance to live in their own home,” Ms Wright said. “I want all Australians to understand how one simple, donated item has the ability to pull someone else out of poverty."

To donate, please visit www.givit.org.au.

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