Digital Identity 3.0 event empowers people to take ownership of personal data

over 3 years ago

In today’s ever expanding digital environment, the concept of identity is much more complex than ever before.

A digital identity refers to a collection of data available online – each time we post a photo, write a tweet or fill in a form, our individual digital identity becomes more detailed.

In collaboration with the Queensland Government, PwC, Australia Post, QUT and MyWave, the PwC Chair in Digital Economy ‘Digital Identity 3.0’ event explored a platform where consumers are empowered to own, manage and share data on their terms.

Over 200 of Brisbane’s top technology professionals joined the discussion alongside local digital start-ups Pet Cloud, Your Digital File, HEOSoftware, Liquid State, Kolossus Digital, Haystack, QUT Starters, Croomo and Help Me With It, amongst others.

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz, senior research lead and CEO for the PwC Chair in Digital Economy said it was exciting to meet the digital community in Brisbane.

“We had a lively debate challenging notions of digital identity as it relates to people, companies and things. The whole experience has reinforced my view that Brisbane is an ideal location for innovative digital start-ups. Together a lot can be done here and taken to a global scale,” he said.

“We see providing the opportunity for digital start-ups to connect with corporates such as Australia Post, PwC, Westpac and BOQ as key in developing an innovation ecosystem here in Brisbane.”

Speakers included Australia Post who are actively developing digital identity solutions, MyWave a digital identity platform start-up and QUT researcher Dr Willem Mertens who together with Professor Michael Rosemann co-authored the Digital Identity 3.0: the platform for people paper.

In a world rapidly becoming digitalised across industries, personal data has become a new form of currency, Digital Identity 3.0 aims to make the flow of this data open, connected, proactive and consumer empowered.

The digital identity event was the second public event hosted by the PwC Chair in Digital Economy, bringing together Brisbane’s leading digital community. Exploring new opportunities for industry-academia relationships in the digitally connected economy, the PwC Chair in Digital Economy inspires and drives digital business take-up through research, education, services and industry advocacy.

Watch the event snapshot and all speaker's videos on PwC's Youtube Channel.

Read the complete Digital Identity 3.0: the platform for people paper.

L to R: Professor Rowena Barrett (Head School of Management, QUT), Ben Sorensen (Qld Innovation Hub Director, PwC), Leslie Hodgson (Director Digital Economy, Digital Economy & Productivity, DSITI), Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz (PwC Chair in Digital Economy), Professor Michael Rosemann (Head of Information Systems, QUT), Trent Lund (Lead Partner Innovation and Ventures, PwC), John Riccio (PwC Chief Digital Officer), Amy Johnson (Co-Founder and Chief Customer Experience Officer, MyWave), Dr Willem Mertens (Postdoctoral Fellow, QUT), Andrew Walduck (Executive General Manager Trusted Services, Australia Post).

Consultation has concluded