What is the Community Digital Champions Program?

The Community Digital Champions program is an initiative of the Queensland Government. 

The program aims to encourage Queenslanders to explore and enjoy the benefits of the digital age through the stories and activities of inspirational Champions.

Champions are volunteers and come from all walks of life and may represent a community, business, industry sector or any demographic group in Queensland.

Why a Community Digital Champions program?

Public consultation undertaken by the Queensland Government indicated that low levels of digital literacy was seen as a major reason for people and businesses not fully engaging in the digital world. Other barriers identified included lack of confidence in using digital technologies, lack of digitally-skilled employees and poor or no access to reliable digital services and infrastructure. Consultation feedback indicated widespread recognition and support for the use of digital champions (including mentors and volunteers) to engage with people and businesses to promote and teach the benefits of the digital age. The consultation also generated much discussion around the need for Queensland and its regions to use digital technologies as an enabler and tool to sustain Queensland’s local and regional communities in a global marketplace. A key action from the findings was to establish a Community Digital Champions Program to increase the level of digital awareness, digital adoption and online participation by Queenslanders. The Community Digital Champions Program supports the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community - to create jobs and a diverse economy, and build safe, caring and connected communities. 

Are you a Community Digital Champion?

We are looking for outstanding individuals who are passionate digital advocates. Ideally you:

a. exemplify the benefits offered by the digital world and inspire others to take part

b. voluntarily educate and/or encourage Queenslanders (community or business groups) to be digitally active

c. play a key role in your community, and are able to make an impact around digital awareness and digital confidence, through the promotion of your personal ‘journey’ and activities in digital engagement

d. are currently conducting voluntary activities or will undertake activities, that contribute to the digital awareness and uptake of digital technologies by Queenslanders

e. are motivated by what you can give back to the community, and want to help Queensland to thrive in the global digital community.

Why get involved?

As a champion, you can help the Queensland Government spread the word about digital technologies and going online. You will provide a positive role model in your community, and your voluntary activities will showcase regional efforts to improve digital awareness and connectivity. The role will also allow you to engage with other champions across the state, foster new collaborations and networks, and profile your Champions related work including your nominator's support. The position is for a 12-month period. Champions can be any age, but must be based in Queensland. You are not remunerated, but will be recognised for your community spirit. You may be invited to attend significant industry or government events and will receive a certificate of appreciation. 

Telling your digital story

Our champions will share their ‘digital journeys’ with Queenslanders. This may involve their own digital activities, participation in relevant community, industry, or government-led activities or a combination of both. Champions will be profiled on the online community interactive hub. Their stories will also be shared with business and community networks via Queensland Government social media and website channels. Interest from mainstream and regional media is also anticipated. Champions may also be involved in:  case studies — written and/or digital (video) online engagement — social media forums or guest blogs on the hub, speaking opportunities/facilitating workshops, event participation and feedback via quarterly departmental surveys.

How are Community Digital Champions selected?

Selection of the champions is undertaken by the Community Digital Champions selection committee. This committee consists of broad representation from industry, community and government.

Successful nominees must be of a standard that meets the committee’s overall expectations, based on the committee’s general knowledge, experience and expertise.

Nominees will be notified in writing as to the outcome of their submission.

Benefits of nominating a Digital Champion?

Nominating Organisations have the opportunity to:

  • be invited to Queensland Government events

  • identify and develop relationships with outstanding individuals giving back to their community

  • help their community obtain digital skills and confidence necessary to participate in the digital world

  • raise their professional profile by working with their Champion to improve digital awareness and connectivity in their community

  • foster new collaborations and networks

Your Champion will be profiled by the Queensland Government on a dedicated Champions’ website.

Nominating a Community Digital Champion

The nomination process comprises of three steps. The nominator provides basic details (Part A) and performs a final check (Part C). Potential champions (nominees) provide further detail on what makes them a Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion (Part B).

Although potential champions (nominees) can start the nomination process, submissions will only be accepted from one of the following nominating groups:

  • not-for-profit or community groups

To nominate a Community Digital Champions, visit the Champions page.